How we turn foam board to Innovative Photo Frame

Editor: ARTMOUNT   Time: 2020/8/8  Browse: 5949

It is 3 years ago that one of our client from united station enquiried a re-position adhesvie foam baord for his photo mounting purpose.


At that time,we had limited experience and technic in developing this kind of innovation adhesive ,instead ,we supplied and have been supplying for the clients in framing industry standard adhesive foam board.


Even the business and the market for standard adhesive foam board are remaining the size,there is a huge potential market for re-position adhesive foam board since 2018.


We finally made up the decision and invest capital in developing the new adhesive for our foamboard to meet the new marketing demand. After 3 monthes testing and re testing ,we luanch batch production ,and eternally it feedbacks for the quality was positive and the sales of re-position adhesive foamboard for photo mounting increase 20000sqm monthly to 50000 sqm monthly during 2018 to 2020 .

  Foam board has been used as backing material and mounting layer to prints and pictures for long. At the beginning ,3mm and 5mm foam board were mainly required and applied in framing industry. Professionals such photographers and artiest always got new design and new idea on revolutionary materials for creating artworks .FoamBoard is one the the most popular material they applied in making elegant and stylish foto frame.


 Artmount is Frameless photo block we make entirely .with 20mm foam ,featuring lightweight,easy to mounting photo,coming with 4 removable residue free adhesive squares on the back to attaching it to the any latex based wall ,such as glass,ceramic,wooden ,etc.